Tucked in the woods of Diamond Hill, studio #20 could well be a storybook cottage. Just as in a classic tale, it was built with the help of many friends over two years.  It houses Maria’s original potter’s wheel from the 70’s, slab roller, and extruder, while various hardworking pieces of furniture serve double duty, like her filing cabinet that stores tools and has a top with hinges for clamping frames for screenprinting on clay.  Take a bigger peek at her work at

My work has its roots in transformation, a hopeful process that embraces curiosity, play, and all the senses. Transforming clay is a meditative process rooted in the Earth’s gifts and energy. Each method I use has a rhythm to it: throwing, stretching, pounding, coiling, sculpting, rolling, pressing, pinching, and carving.

My colors and images of plants blend climates and epochs to convey the enduring and pervasive use of pottery in daily life across cultures and time.

My pieces have a life of their own inviting you to touch and hold them. Using handmade clay vessels everyday offers an opportunity to make eating, drinking, and sharing food a beautiful and special experience. I make each piece with joy that accompanies each piece to its new home.

Maria Root

Maria’s Poppy Bowls, fresh from her kiln

Maria is excited to welcome studio tour guests this year.  I chuckled when she told me she was making doormats, but look out for that touch of whimsy she is sure to add – all the better to match that storybook cottage studio.



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