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Kim Middleton, studio #4 in Eastsound near the airport, embodies the artistry of birds in transparent oil paint.  Her life-long work with birds as a biologist gives Kim unique insights into their lives.  To grasp the extent of her bird art, you’ll have to visit kimmiddleton.com  and follow her on FaceBook.  Then, do swoop in to her studio, Ravensight Studio, to see how she produces such radiantly captivating portraits and browse her newest work.

Finally, Sun!
Finally, Sun!

I began this hummingbird painting, Finally, Sun!, as a demonstration at a Women Artists of the West national exhibition.  I was showing how I use watercolor techniques with oil paint to add abstracted elements to the background of a painting.  I prefer transparent oil pigments to build layers of color.  A thin glaze of pigment is laid onto the canvas, then I drop or splatter solvent on the pigment to create the wet in wet effects used in watercolor paintings.  Building layers of this effect gives an abstracted and interesting back drop to the vibrant hummingbird.”

Sisters- small

“Sisters” displays the layering of transparent oil paint to create iridescent plumage and give volume to the chickens. Touches of opaque pigments reveal the direct and indirect light reflecting off the feathers.  Multiple layers of glaze bring the grass to life.”

Kim works on many different paintings at one time since each glazing layer needs to dry before the next layer is added.  Often she will work in just one color in a day, adding that color to various locations on a number of paintings.  Each art work may have 30-60 layers, which require drying time between each layer.

Come see Kim’s birds and learn what inspires her to paint birds in such an intimate way.

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