Rimerman-Silent Tears-Mixed Media

Outdoors! That’s where Jan paints at Studio #16, when the weather permits.  She sets up in the middle of the field where the bunnies nibble at her feet and the birds land on the plywood table.  Visit her Neptune Studios and it is easy to see how the evolution of changing forms of light and shadow is the essence of Jan’s work.

For the studio tour, her display panels and demonstration table will be set up near Dave Haslett’s stone sculpture studio #17.  You will be invited to try your hand at a few painting techniques which will help you understand Jan’s unique process.  She begins her paintings with a powdered charcoal under painting which is sealed in with gel.  After that layer is dry 22 layers of transparent fluid acrylics are applied creating a 3-dimensional effect.

Rimerman-French Tomatoes-Mixed Media-24 x 24

The building up of the many textures and color layers reveal the hidden images in the different lights of the day and season.  The work presents something fresh each time you view it.”

Jan Rimerman’s work is in many public and private collections.  She is an avid traveler and the featured collection this year are images inspired from France.  You will find more of her work at the Blackfish Gallery in La Conner, Washington, in the Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery in Oregon, and the Coos Art Museum in Coos Bay, Oregon.

Rimerman-Wonder of the Sea II
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