Sited along the coastline of Eastsound, Studio #6 offers garden and cloud vistas that are intimately captured in many of Mary Jane’s breathtaking vessels.  Spending hours at a time on leather-hard clay, Mary Jane cuts through her pieces allowing the spaces to bleed into each other, revealing a fresh, complex new balance.

The relationship of form, the tension and interaction between the exterior and interior spaces of a piece intrigues me.”


This past year I have been working on expanding my vision and techniques. I am enchanted with bringing more movement, spirit and fantasy into my pieces, breaking out of repetitious viewpoints and esthetics and providing my viewers with new visual roads to travel on.”


A native of Altadena, CA, grew up embracing the forms of the Craftsman Style which surrounded her.  For two years Japan was her home while she studied weaving and sumie painting, all the while absorbing the subtlety and balance of the Asian esthetic.  Now on Orcas she pulls from the beauty and inspiration around her, working with her students to refine techniques and bring new visions to life.

Clay is my vehicle for redefining the empty space in front of me, for materializing a thought and bringing substance to a vision.  So come for a visit and see if my work can speak to you in new ways!”

Mary Jane shares her custom-built studio with her husband, Bruce Wilson, an artist who ‘paints’ with thermal oil and wax and is Studio #7 in the studio tour guide.  Come enjoy the work of two artists in this lovely space.



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