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Ina Drosu, Studio #10 in Deer Harbor, is an Artists’ Tour favorite.  This year, Ina will show many examples of intriguing reverse oil paintings on glass, including gilded bowls and tiles, and Venetian plaster paintings that have a distinct old world air.

Currently the core of my interest is  shaped by reverse cold oil painting on glass and artisanal lime plaster that I mound and etch into textured surfaces, abstract or representational.”
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I love art that can be experienced sensually, but also, meaningfully. I love the poetic and the philosophical in life.”

Her studio work includes Venetian plaster as an architectural element, since the other hat Ina wears is as architectural plasterer, gilder, traditional faux finishes painter, and Interior Designer.

Art is not compartmentalized. Different disciplines overlap, merge and interweave in the present and in continuum.”
 Over the years, the layering of space, mental and otherwise, has also led me to sculpting, and painting traditional faux finishes on walls and decor.  Anything that will keep the flame alive and keep me close to what I consider to be the most human of all endeavors.”
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All of the things I do build upon each other on many different levels.  They enhance and multiply the possibilities.”

More of Ina’s work can be seen on her website, but it will surely be more interesting to view up-close the possibilities she can create for you and your home this weekend, at her studio.


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